Degoogling Gemini PDA

This article focuses on removing any and all Google apps & services from Gemini PDA Android installation. Though it can be loosely referred to as a guide, in reality it is merely a recollection of personal experience, providing an example and inspiration.


  • Gemini PDA with Rooted Android
  • Titanium Backup (Pro version is recommended)

Once the device is properly rooted and Titanium Backup is installed, it’s time to uninstall all the offending apps with its help. Replacement apps can be installed either before the process or after, it does not matter.

Below are Titanium Backup screenshots made after my Gemini PDA underwent the procedure, with some replacement and additional apps added making it ready for (my) use, and some additional screenshots illustrating the experience. Note that Signal can be used for SMS only, without utilizing messenger functionality. Every built-in app not present on the screenshots is perfectly safe to uninstall.

Titanium Backup screenshots
Favourite launcher for Gemini – Linux CLI aka T-UI
Custom scaling setting
Firefox is quite good with proper add-ons and settings

Since all the apps I use work perfectly well without relying on GSF and I very rarely use Gemini PDA for navigation, I didn’t bother with installing MicroG/UnifiedNlp. That’s it, my Gemini PDA is running deGoogled and I am happy with it.

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